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Live Amatuer Girl Webcam - What Are The Rules?

So what's the proper protocol for calling up a live amatuer girl & webcam on Niteflirt and watching her? It depends on the woman. if she has special rules, she'll spell it out on her web page.

Otherwise, just make sure you've got your glasses on if you wear them, have some lube or lotion for your cock, something to catch your jizz (if you're calling a Mistress, expect to lick up your own cum) and make sure your phone is charged! You don't want to go dead 10 seconds before you squirt.

If you're into little extras - like putting things in your ass, or using clamps on your nipples - have those things ready.

And don't forget a glass of water. This crazy kind of sex can be taxing; you'll get thirsty.

If you yourself have a webcam, your phone slut may enjoy watching you at the same time you watch her live amatuer girl webcam. Some women really get off on it. And that way, she can see for herself that you're really putting that carrot in your ass!

Make a list of the things you like, or new things you'd like to try. If there are toys needed, you can often find household items to use so that you don't have to spend a lot of extra money. Vegetables are always good to stick in your ass, but you do need lube.

Have you ever put something "special" on your ass toy? I had a Domme who made me put Vicks Vaporub on a dildo and then stick it in my ass. It burned, but it burned good and I came three times! In fact just rememembering that night has made my cock stiff right now.

I need to go take care of that little problem. ::grin::

One live amatuer girl webcam coming up!

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