latex fetish webcam Mistress

Latex Fetish Webcam Mistress

My wife was off visiting family and I had the week alone. Damn I was horny! I couldn't even call her for a phone blow job because she was around her family. So I did what any smart guy would do...I picked up the phone and dialed me a woman. But not any woman: a latex fetish webcam Mistress!

You've gotta love this information age. It's as easy as picking up the phone, looking at a page of women and picking your choice.

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I've always been a Dominant man and my wife is submissive. But I'd been curious about switching sides and being submissive. My wife, however, just isn't bitchy or bossy. So I found a beautiful dominatrix on Niteflirt, called her and ended up spending that entire week watching her on cam, where I worshipped every inch of her glorious body. She showed me her strapon cock, then instructed me to go to a sex store and buy a big dildo. I had to suck it. She eventually made me work it into my virgin ass.

While the wife was away, my butt got fucked. She threatened to send me to a fag bar and suck cock, but I got lucky and she didn't force it. That scared me because I'm not into cocksucking, but I really wanted nothing more than to please that woman. She sucked me in with her dominant ways and her fetish webcam. Adult sex has never been so steamy or sticky!

That's my little secret. Turns out I like being fucked in the ass, especially a woman in latex. Fetish webcam Mistress in particular, there's just something about a woman in latex with a big cock. I don't know how far this will go. I just know that every time I tune into someone's webcam and start the sex talk, my limits are expanded even more.

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