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Adult Foot Fetish Webcam

There's really nothing more enticing than worshiping a beautiful Mistress' feet, adoring them, hoping to kiss and pamper them. You're like me and you've got an adult foot fetish. Webcam watching, particularly beautiful feet, can be a huge turnon, am I right?

One of my favorite things is to watch a Mistress soak her feet, then paint her toenails for me. All while I watch. I also enjoy watching dangling shoes. I don't know why, but the very sight of a danging spike heeled shoe on a sexy foot gets my dick stiff pretty quickly.

Sometimes I like to find a Domme who will allow me to pay for her pedicure, then show me the results on her webcam when she gets home! How sexy is that, knowing you paid for her foot pampering?

Foot Fetish Webcam, Free Live Cam

I've searched the net high and low looking for the best - the foot fetish webcam & free live cam. You know as well as I do that nothing in this world is free! There's no way in hell you're going to find a sexy Domme who is going to show you her beautiful feet without a reward. If you find that, let me know. But the good news is that you CAN get a free preview.

Free webcam sex

Niteflirt, the webcam and phone sex site I've come to believe is the best of the best, gives you three free minutes the first time you call. Yes, you have to call their line to see the webcam, but if you're shy, you don't have to say anything. Just watch and drool, fellahs.

What I like about this system is that it's on the level. There's no bullshit, no minimums, no hidden charges. And these women are real, not some model sitting on a cheap futon in a warehouse full of other models on futons. I've tried a number of sites, and I'll go into more detailed reviews as we get deeper into the site. FIirt4Free is one, and you can definitely watch free webcams as long as you want. There's a chatroom. The problem with this setup is that it's you and fifty other guys trying to get her attention. The only way you're going to get her attention is by heading to a private show.....for a fee. And let's be real. Some of these women are gorgeous, and they're almost all in Poland or other Eastern European country.

What's great about Niteflirt is that this isn't a service. These women aren't sitting there all day putting on a fake show. They work when they're in the mood, but they aren't required to put in shifts. Only when THEY feel like it. That makes for more enthusiastic women, trust me. Many of these women are real Dommes and subs. It's just you and her, no groups of others watching, just you. And of course the live talk is fun too. You're an adult. Foot fetish webcam with phone talk, or just admiring a pair of lovely feet is a fantastic way to spend the evening. I should know. ::smile::

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