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In case you haven't read the section on how this website came to be, let me give you the quickie refresher course: a kinky couple owned this site for years and had cams throughout their home and dungeon. It was fucking cool. But they decided it was time to move on to other things, and my wife and I took over the site. We aren't putting cams in our home because my wife is a bit shy. But we're avid cam watchers, we love webcams and we love phone sex.

We've spent money on good and bad cams and thought a great way to put this site to use would be to write up some live webcam reviews. You won't find any porn here, but you'll find links to good webcams and interesting/exciting webcam amateurs. We aren't interested in models who are paid to sit at a computer or sit on a bed and do poses for a fee. Let's be blunt: most of those poor girls are probably working for a quarter an hour in a third world country. Sad but true.

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No, we're into real women and real couples who like to show off, and like to play with us, with me alone or with my wife alone. My wife likes to look at hung guys who like to show off their bodies for her, and I like, well, I like about all of it. I have a submissive side that doesn't interest the wife. That's okay, because I can play out those fantasies with Mistresses on cam and phone. It greatly satisfies that side of me. And sometimes I just like a dirty little whore who will do what I want her to do....on command. I like the live webcam girl, nude all the way! But it all depends on the mood of my cock.

So over time, we'll be writing reviews, good and bad, of live amatuer girl webcam and other types of webcam/phone that we've experienced. The good, bad and the ugly. We won't be holding back. (But be aware that we've wasted money in the past on "cam shops" and won't be partaking in those, so you won't see any actual reviews of sites like that. We just aren't into it.) We're into the real deal. Real live webcams.

If there's enough interest, we might open a message forum where people can discuss their experiences and talk about webcam and phone sex hobbies. ::grin:: We'd love to meet up with others like us!

If you want to comment, be sure and visit our blog. We're just getting started, but welcome all comments. We'll be moderating them at first in case of spam attacks.

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